About us

Dear Customer,
AstroProService.com and its brand was established in 2012 by a group of astronomy enthusiasts.

Ruslan Korop – project manager, development of circuit technology, hardware and computer software. By education, a system engineer, professionally engaged in the development of transmitters of television and radio broadcasting, production automation systems, currently the leading engineer for the development of power electronics for nuclear power plants. Amateur of astronomy since 1992.

Valentin Gaidai – marketing, support and promotion of goods, communication with customers. By education, an electrical engineer, worked in the laboratory of electrical tests and measurements, a teacher of the Cherkasy Polytechnic College. Amateur of astronomy since 1997.

Sergey Gritsuk – designer, development of mechanical design, production support. He is a mechanical engineer, professionally engaged in the development of products for agricultural machinery, radio engineering structures, cabinets. Currently he is a design engineer for the development of equipment for nuclear power plants.

Together with customers from around the world, our business has grown out of a search for knowledge and appreciation of pure beauty that can only be experienced by observing the night sky. We feel extremely grateful that our hobby has become our work.

All of our products are proudly manufactured in Ukraine. AstroDevices.net promises bespoke quality below mass market prices. We use our skills in the areas of design, performance, and functionality to build products you will use and appreciate for years.
Our current product lineup includes the EQDrive Standard control unit, Focus drive, EQ Drive upgrade kit EQ3/EQ5,  and Parallelogram STANDARD III Pro binocular mount.
We are honored to supply both amateurs and professionals alike. Our equipment is even used by Russian Antarctic station Novolazarevskaya!
We hope that our suite of products increases your enjoyment and understanding of the universe we live in.
Clear, dark skies, AstroProService.com