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Agreement on the use of online store services

This agreement, hereinafter “the Agreement”, concluded between the online store, having an address on the Internet, the “Shop Online”, and the user online store services, the “Buyer”, and It defines the terms of the acquisition of goods through the website online store.

1. Basic provisions

1.1 Registration and ordering on the Web Store website is the Buyer agree to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

1.2 of this Agreement, provided on the Site are public offer. Under Site in these Rules take the collection of all web pages located on the Internet at the domain

1.3 In case of conflict of certain provisions of these Rules with the current laws, the norms of current legislation of Ukraine. The invalidity of individual provisions does not entail the invalidity of the Regulation as a whole.

The relationship of the Seller and the Buyer regulated legislation:

  • “Procedure zanyattya torgovelnoyu diyalnistyu i rules torgovelnogo obslugovuvannya population” approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 8.9.95 number 108 (as amended),
  • Law of Ukraine “About Zahist rights spozhivachіv”
  • “Rules on sale tovarіv of order in the home that have pokuptsіv” (Mandate Mіnіsterstva zovnіshnіh ekonomіchnih zv’yazkіv i torgіvlі Ukraine od roku 29 Bereznev 1999 N 199. Zareєstrovano in Mіnіsterstvі yustitsії Ukraine kvіtnya 21, 1999. Of N 249/3542) other legislative acts of Ukraine

1.4 Buyer may be any natural or legal person that can accept and pay for the ordered goods in the manner and on the terms ustanovlenyx this Agreement.

1.5 Online Store reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement.

1.6 This Agreement shall be considered in that kind as it is published on the website, and should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

2. Product Information

2.1 Goods presented on the Site through the photo samples, proprietary online store.

2.2 This product may be different from the photo sample, but will be sure to match the characteristics of the selected items listed on the site and on the label of the manufacturer.

2.3 Each photo is accompanied by a sample of text information: price and product description.

2.4 At the request of the Purchaser’s online store manager can provide (by phone or e-mail) other information necessary and sufficient, in terms of the Buyer, for its decision to purchase the goods.

2.5 indicated on the website price may be changed online store unilaterally, but not long after, when the order has been placed by the Buyer.

3. The procedure for the acquisition of goods

3.1 The Buyer shall be entitled to place an order for any product presented on the site. Each product can be ordered in any quantity. The order can be issued by the Purchaser in the following ways: by telephone or issued independently on the Site.

3.2 After placing an order on the e-mail is sent to the Buyer’s account, confirming the acceptance of the order, indicating the names of the selected products and the total amount of the order, which is an integral part of this Agreement. If necessary, updates information on ordering and delivery online store manager can contact the Purchaser on left contact information (phone number, email address, etc.).

3.3 Adjustment Order

When you order online, the store manager of the Company has the right to make changes to the list of ordered products and their prices, without coordination with the Customer. In the absence of the goods ordered by the Company is obliged to warn the Client on the date of manufacture and delivery or provide an appropriate replacement. However, the Company shall not be liable for any loss or possible loss of income customer.

4. Delivery and acceptance-transfer of goods

4.1 The delivery of goods in the shop, in the agreed quantity and range, carried out by various shipping services throughout the territory of Ukraine and beyond. Sending and delivery of ordered goods is carried out within a specified time frame with the Buyer. The fact of acceptance of the goods by the Buyer is to pay the goods.

4.2 The Buyer shall in the presence of the manager e-shop to make the acceptance of the ordered goods in quantity, quality, range and completeness of the goods. In the event of damage to the packaging, which caused partial or total damage to the goods caused by the online store, the buyer must notify the manager of the Web Store. If the buyer discovered that he had received does not correspond to the ordered goods or has an obvious defect, he must, within three days of receipt inform the Internet store and send the item to the address of the online store. Shop Online examines the complaint and, if it is justified, pays all expenses incurred by the Buyer (the value of goods and the amount of shipping both ways). By mutual agreement, the defective goods can be replaced with non-defective or returned funds received for this product. Refunds also due to Internet shopping.

4.3 The representative of the online store

Manager Online Store Customer must present a document certifying his membership in an online store, and the Customer to check the availability of such.

5. Payment for goods

5.1 Methods of payment for goods:

  • Cashless payments
  • Cash

5.2 In cash, the Buyer pays for the goods by transferring money to an online store representative or courier who delivers the goods. The product is paid only on the territory of Ukraine in UAH.

5.3 For non-cash payments, the Buyer pays for the goods by transferring money using the LiqPay service. The product is paid in any currency.

6. Commodity Exchange

6.1 The buyer within 14 days of purchase are entitled to return the product to be exchanged for another product, not less in value if the products cost less 5000grn. Because the price of the return items deducted 10% of the value on the cost of the examination and implementation.

Exchange is only possible if there is a tag manufacturer, there is no damage and abrasions, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase. After examination to confirm the truth of the product, Shop Online Buyer sends new product selected for replacement.

In an exchange of cumulative discounts on new products stored under general conditions.

The costs of returning the product paid by the Buyer.

7. Confidentiality

Storage and use of the Internet-store personal data provided by users is fully consistent with the current legislation of Ukraine about the integrity of your personal information. Personal user data is not provided to third parties, except in cases provided by the legislation of Ukraine, but saved for the sale of services and delivery of goods presented in the shop.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On protection of personal data,” personal data base is subject to registration in the State Register of databases of personal data. Confirming the agreement The buyer authorizes the administration of Internet shop to collect and process personal data entered by the Buyer, as well as confirms the familiarization with the rights arising in connection with the processing of his personal data, the purposes of their processing and use.

8. Conditions of the Agreement

The Company reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement, with all the fundamental changes in the agreement, the Company agrees to notify the Buyer by e-mail, and the buyer does not object to obtain from an online store this kind of message.

9. Other

9.1 Completing the registration or to order on the Site Buyer confirms that he and an adult he was 18 years old, as well as your full and unconditional agreement to these Rules. In the event that the buyer is under 18 years of age or whether he does not agree with any of the provisions of the Regulations set out in this document and in its annexes, the Buyer agrees not to agree to these Rules as ordering page, and on any other page of the site, not to produce with the order (orders) and not have to register on the Site. If the buyer has already placed an order (orders), the buyer is also committed to cancel all placed but not executed orders of the Seller. In this case the Buyer shall reimburse all costs incurred by the Seller, the Buyer and the Seller returns the advance payment amount for unfulfilled orders, net of expenses incurred by the Seller.

9.2 The buyer is fully responsible for the message to the seller of true information about yourself, your mailing address, your bank account data, settlement (payment) instrument (credit cards), and other information necessary for the performance of obligations by the parties for the sale of goods and payment. In case of default by the Seller of obligations related to the execution of the order, due to the Buyer posts inaccurate information about yourself, the Seller is not responsible for such non-execution of the order. Re-delivery of goods, as well as other actions on the part of the Seller are made only by agreement of the parties, with such additional relevant costs to the Buyer.

9.3 Online Store reserves the right to extend and reduce the product offer on the Site, to regulate access to the purchase of any goods, and to suspend or discontinue the sale of any goods on your own.