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The FocusDrive Kit is designed for motorization of 1:10 micro dual speed Crayford focuser (for SkyWatcher).

The FocusDrive control unit is designed for automation of process of focusing of the telescope. The FocusDrive works together with the personal computer on which the ASCOM platform is established. For manual control, used the Up and Dn buttons or connection of the external hand control in the ACC socket.

Power supply: 12V 1A.
Motor type: Bipolar Stepper
Motor coil current: Adjustable 0,1 – 1A
Smooth acceleration and deceleration of motion: Adjustable 0 – 10sec
Setings of speed motion: 0 – not limited (mm/sec)
Correction of non linearity of the motion: yes
Gear Ratio: (mm/rev) of a shaft of the step motor
Thermo Compensation of focus: yes
Thermometer: DS18B20 (1 – 4 psc)

  • FocusDrive unit 1 psc.
  • Adapter with motor 1 pcs.
  • Cable for motor 1 psc.

ASCOM драйвер ASCOM 6.1SP1 FocusDrive v.2.0.9 Setup
Программа конфигурации EQDrive Config v.5.0 Setup
Обновление программного обеспечения FCD.1.1.1755.eqh


FocusDrive works practically with any step motor in bipolar inclusion, with any quantity of steps on a turn (we recommend motors 200, 400 of steps for a turn) with current of windings those 0,1A to 1A (Under the order 2A). The motor works in without the step mode (our algorithm of control of the motor). without noisy and the smooth course that excludes vibrations of a focuser when moving and positioning accuracy. The step of movement of a focuser from 1 to 1000 microns gets out the user in operating time,doesn’t depend on a reduction of transfer and type of the motor.

All settings of a configuration of FocusDrive remain in non-volatile memory, settings can be kept on the computer and in a consequence are loaded into the control unit of the utility of FocusDrive Config.

The algorithm of Tftrack of work of temperature compensation of provision of focus is applied. On each session of a focuser the log file with data of a position of a focuser and temperature from temperature sensors is written.

The file is automatically saved in the folder “Documents” > “FocusDrive“. The log file can be seen as in operating time and in any time, convenient for you, the utility of FCDLogViewer (is established automatically together with the driver).
FocusDrive works in the wide range of the feeding tension for 10,8 v to 15v.
At switching off of food the current position of a focuser is remembered.

!!! The help with the first connection and work with FocusDrive!!!


Socket DC (Power)
Socket of PC-2.1/5.5 of food
Central contact plus.
Side contact minus
Protection against a polarity reversal: Is.


1. Pos.1 memory
2. Gnd.
3. Move Up
4. Pos.2 memory
5. Move Dn
6. Pos.3 memory


Full compatibility with the ex. panel from EQDrive Standard.


MOTOR/SENSOR socket. (Winding Configurations)
1. A1 winding.
2. A2 winding.
3. nc.
4. B1 winding.
5. B2 winding.
6. Gnd. Home sensor.
7. DS18B20 temperature sensor Gnd conclusion. Home sensor.
8. DS18B20 temperature sensor DQ conclusion. Home sensor.
9. DS18B20 temperature sensor Vdd conclusion.





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