NEW product of the year 2019!

  • Support for external sensors (functionality will be available in new firmware)
  • Focuser mode
  • Small size and weight
  • improved compatibility with SynScan controller

The Telescope Control System (TCS) EQDrive Standard 4 automates the work of the mount (equatorial and azimuthal) or focuser. The TCS use Stepless(Vector) Algorithm and works with practically any mount operated by a stepper motor. It supports a wide range of Gear Ratio and Speed of axes, Soft acceleration and deceleration, allowing users to operate their telescope mount through Astronomical programs and SynScan hand controller.

  • Power supply: 10 – 28V 5A (recommended 24V)
  • Motor type: Bipolar stepper
  • Driver Voltage: Equal to Input Voltage.
  • Motor coil current: Adjustable 0.1 – 2.0A
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration: Adjustable 0 – 10s.
  • Correction of nonlinearity of the motor: Yes
  • Axis gear ratio: Unlimited (Recommended 1: 1 – 1: 2000)
  • Case: Aluminum 100mm x 74mm x 29mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 190 grams

EQDrive Standard 3N unit – 1pcs

Virtual COM port driver CP2102 Configure Software EQDrive Config v.5.0 Setup ASCOM Driver EQMOD EQASCOM Update Firmware
Example of Update Firmware


Power socket
2.5mm*5.5mm type
Central contact plus
Side contact minus
Protected against polarity reversal

The Accessories (ACC) socket
Mode Auto Guide (ST-4)
1. NC
2. Gnd.
3. RA+
4. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA-
Guide Speed is recording in to the flash memory of the device with the EQDriveConfig software.

Mode the Hand Control
1. RA-
2. Gnd
3. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA+

USB Socket
Type B, Connection to PC
EQDriveConfig, Eqmod ASCOM, Indi

Hand Controller (HC) Socket
1. Gnd
2. +5v (200mA max.)
3. NC
4. Gnd
5. Rx
6. Tx
7,8. +8v (200mA max.)
Compatible with SynScan Controller

RA/AZ Motor Socket
DEC/ALT Motor Socket
(Coil Configurations)
1. A1 coil
2. A2 coil
3. Gnd (shield)
4. B1 coil
5. B2 coil

Sensor Socket (in development state)

1. +5V (output 50mA max.)
2. Dec_Limit+
3. Dec_Home
4. Dec_Limit-
5. GND
6. +5V (output 50mA max.)
7. RA_Limit+
8. RA_Home
9. RA_Limit-
10. GND
*Internal pull-up resistor 3.6kOhm

LED Power Indicator (Top Side)
10…28V Smooth light
9…10V Blinking light
<9V No light

Additional information

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 75 × 100 × 29 mm


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