Parallelogram Standard 3s PRO binocular mount


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NEW edition 2020 years,what’s new?

– dovetail plate quick release manfrotto adapter for even more comfort
– counterweight bar clamp moved to user-friendly position

The Parallelogram Standard 3s PRO is the newest iteration of our professional binocular mount. We reduced the weight, strengthened the base, added a control handle, and reinforced the binocular mounting bracket. As with previous versions, the mount’s professional build quality and engineering easily supports almost any size binocular from 10×50 to 25×100! In fact, this mount is so sturdy, we’ve increased the warranty to 10 years!
A stable binocular mount like the Parallelogram Standard 3s PRO helps observers make the most of their time under the stars. Even when binoculars are small enough to be handheld, solid mounting increases the eye’s ability to see detail in almost any night sky object. With four degrees of motion, the Parallelogram Standard III PRO can be easily positioned for comfortable observing-standing, sitting, or even lying down. Don’t let a sore neck end your night…gaze in comfort all night long!
Ultimate flexibility: 4 degrees of motion:

Base: 360° rotation
Parallelogram arm: raised and lowered
Binocular bracket: 180° horizontal axis
Binocular bracket: 360° vertical axis
Every axis is equipped with special plugs, bearings, and polyacetal washers to ensure smooth friction and stiction throughout the range of movement. Each axis can also be adjusted for tension and locked for safety.


Degrees of motion: 4
Maximum instrument payload: 15 lbs.
Maximum height (excluding tripod height): 35 in.
Counterweight bore (weights not included): 20 mm
Tripod mounting: removable M10 or 3/8 in. adapter
Payload mounting: 3/8” and 1/4” included. Vixen style dovetail adapter optional.
Weight (w/o tripod or counterweights): 11 lbs.
Dimensions: 33.5 in. x 6.1 in. x 3.9 in.
Material: solid steel, duralumin, fluoroplastic, powder coating. Accessories are stainless steel
What’s in the box:

Parallelogram mount body
20mm counterweight rod
1/4 in. payload mounting screw
3/8 in. payload mounting screw
dovetail plate quick release manfrotto adapter for even more comfort
Polycarbonate control handle (2x)
M10 and 3/8 in. adapter, completely interchangeable
Please note: the Parallelogram Standard III PRO does not include a tripod or counterweights needed for use.


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